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We offer cake, bread, pastry, AP, self rising and whole wheat flours, exported from our base in Savannah, Georgia

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We deal in

Hard Red Winter: (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska) and is scattered a bit in other states, as well. It’s an extremely versatile wheat that is great for bread and all-purpose flour; 

Hard Red Spring: (Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota). Great for designer breads, bagels, croissants and more; 

Soft Red Winter: Typically east of the Mississippi River. Used for cookies, crackers, pretzels and pastries; 

Soft White: Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon and Idaho) its home. Creates cakes, pastries and Middle Eastern flatbreads.

Hard White: Hard white shares its territory with Hard Red Winter wheat, but is grown on a much smaller scale. Tortillas and flatbreads.

Durum: grown primarily in Montana and North Dakota with a smidge grown in Arizona, California and South Dakota. This wheat has a high protein / gluten content for pasta. 



We import foreign spirits, and arrange exports of American spirits and spirit trading from America and to over 50 countries.